Salvation Army in Haiti Responds to Victims of Hurricane Matthew

Salvation Army
Salvation Army


In 2015, Daniel Hewes received a master of science degree in urban planning from Columbia University, where he also served as an internal coordinator of the Planning Students’ Association. Daniel Hewes is an active supporter of several charitable organizations and has donated to the Salvation Army.

Salvation Army is an international evangelical movement and was founded in 1865 by William Booth. Concomitant with its mission of spreading the gospel, Salvation Army is also involved in civic activities aimed at helping those who are currently in need. Recently, the church helped assess the damages caused by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

With heavy rains, storm surges, and winds around 145 miles per hour, Hurricane Matthew has recently devastated Haiti, forcing thousands of people out of their homes. Upon assessing the situation, Salvation Army’s Haiti Division Project Officer Major John Eddy Bundu reported that south and southeast Haiti have suffered the greatest levels of damage. Moreover, one of Salvation Army’s physical projects, a school in Fonds-des-Negres, has lost its roof.

Taking cues from the assessment, Salvation Army’s Haiti Division has set up plans in order to help those who have been affected. To learn how you can donate to their relief efforts, visit


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