Accidental Skyline by the Municipal Art Society of New York

Accidental Skyline pic
Accidental Skyline

Recent Columbia University graduate Daniel Hewes attained his MS in urban planning with a focus on community-led disaster planning. As part of his commitment to his chosen discipline, Daniel Hewes maintains an active membership in the American Planning Association as well as the Municipal Art Society of New York.

The Municipal Art Society of New York was established more than a century ago. Since 1893, its members have come together to bring lush parks, beautiful artwork, and useful public buildings to the streets of New York City.

The Art Society recently released a new project, dubbed the Accidental Skyline. This public awareness project seeks to include New Yorkers in conversations about new building projects in their city. The Society feels that many New Yorkers are surprised and sometimes concerned about sudden changes to their skyline.

Accidental Skyline will create transparency in the zoning and building process. Large scale projects will become subject to public review, and certain community members will be alerted to changes in their area. The project also creates safeguards for community venues like parks, ensuring that development does not spoil them for New Yorkers.